Goals, New Shows, New Outlet, New Brand" />

New Goals, New Shows, New Outlet, New Brand

I have been around the world and back again. Although I have been traveling, I haven’t forgot about you guys.

Quick Update

We at Krusade Entertainment have decided to diversify what we do here. Do to some restructuring of the company, we are still providing entertainment but have broaden what style of entertainment.

With that being said, we have ventured into the world radio and podcast. We are in the process of setting up our own online radio for the knights and rebels. The podcasts area of entertainment is expanding also. We have expanded to use the brand name Crossfire. This will publish help for those that want to know how to travel on a budget. Also, many different podcasts dealing with movies, travel, politics, and tv. Check out the list below


    Come and listen to the new shows as we bring forth the KE Movement expanding the brand.

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